Mr. Summer was founded in 2018 by Connel and Emily in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Nestled between the prairies and the peaks of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is home to a vibrant and bustling start-up community from which Mr. Summer was born. What began as a side hustle quickly grew into a passion project aimed at providing fun, affordable, high quality men’s swimwear to Canada and beyond.

We set out to create wearable conversation pieces that capture our light-hearted Canadian spirit while also staying on trend, in budget and bringing those tan lines up into 2022! Our vision was brought to life with our first ever collection which was designed in collaboration with incredible graphic designers and photographers.

We noticed swimwear was a staple in our getaway bags, regardless of destination or season, and began throwing out ideas for awesome prints at affordable prices. With no background in fashion or design, starting a swimwear company seemed crazy for two kids from the prairies. However, it’s with our sense of adventure, excitement for a challenge and unwavering support from friends and family this was all made possible.

We are excited to continue innovating– expanding our existing collection of trunks and introducing a wide variety of new products to the site. In the mean time, we love seeing all the places our trunks take you! Continue sharing, tagging and re-posting. After all, we believe that if you’ve got a pair of trunks in your bag you’re headed somewhere awesome, and we want to come along for the ride!